Example Cover Letter

General Contact Information: 

Organization: The Percheron Foundation, Inc. (DBA: Percheron)

Contact: John Smith

Position: Executive Director

Address: 1421 Spring St., Suite A Minneapolis, MN 55405

Contact phone number: 612-123-4567

Contact email: jsmith@thepercheronfoundation.org

Funding Request: $5,000 for the Percheron After School Program.


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Brief Overview of Organization (no longer than 100 words):

The Percheron Foundation is a community based organization that provides support services to low-income communities in Minneapolis. Through our counseling and crisis intervention, resources and referrals, education and support groups the Percheron Foundation aims to break the cycle of poverty by addressing its root causes. The Percheron Foundation serves over 400 individuals annually.

Brief Description of Funding Request (no longer than 100 words)

Funding is requested for the Percheron Foundation's After School Program, which serves between 40-60 low-income children residing in the Minneapolis Greenlake community. The program provides academic assistance, youth development, supplementary activities, and social work support services. Services and activities include tutoring, internet access, informational workshops and active discussions, college and high school preparation, STEM activities, Literacy Intervention and English Language Lab. Funding would support the program’s staffing and equipment costs.

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